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"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi - Out of Africa always something new" -Pliny the Elder

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Havent had too much exciting going on lately, so thats why no posts. First few days of this week mostly just went to class, checked out some books from the library on campus and hung around. Watched soccer games on Tuesday and Wednesday night in my room with roommate and some of his friends. We get along quite well and all his friends are very nice as well. Thursday me and 2 of my friends studying here through Brown University went to Slipway on Msisani Peninsula. It is a nice shopping center in the north part of town that is inhabited predominantly by tourists and people doing business in Dar. Its quite a shame that a majority of foreigners only see that part of the city. Anyways I bought a few books at a nice bookshop and we had a delicious Japanese meal. Atleast once a week it is necessary to get off campus for some food variety.

I am a big fan of chipsi Mayai which is french fries and an egg fried together. Hard to picture but its really good and maybe I will make it back at home. Friday some of us from the Florida program went to place in downtown called the Florida Pub. Its kind of a grungy pub and the power was out in downtown so it was quite warm. I had a Florida burger, which apparently is a beef patty with an egg on top, maybe not authentic Florida fare, but it wasnt bad. Went to the European film festival that is going on at the Mwenge movie theater. It is free and has been running for 2 weeks now. I saw a British movie called Dirty, Pretty Things. It was pretty good. The theater is really nice but the only American movie showing right now is Dukes of Hazard so I will wait to check out an American flick.

I came back Friday night after the movie and we had no water or power, so it was a little dark on campus, but I was tired and just went to sleep. Im not sure why or what causes the power/water to go out, but it happens a few times a week. Not really a big deal though. Saturday morning I met a guy from Uganda who came up to me and invited me to watch the Manchester United soccer game in his room, because they have a satellite dish. So me and my friend from Norway Olaf watched the football match in a small dorm room with about 10 Ugandans and 5 Tanzanians. It was a lot of fun, even though it ended in a draw. We are starting and International student soccer team to play against the other faculties, so I think we got a lot better by recruiting the Ugandan and Ghanaian students. We are going to practice this afternoon so I will be sleeping great tonight.

Thats about it, the election is a week from today, but its very corrupt system. They basically do as little as possible to be democratic to avoid the wrath of America and other countries so hellbent on democracy. So the winner is already known and will be maybe 80% or something totally ridiculous. Have a nice week at work and school and could someone from UF tell me when registration is or if it has started. Asante sana.

Kwa herini,


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