A Gator in Dar Es Salaam

"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi - Out of Africa always something new" -Pliny the Elder

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I hope everyone had a great Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Day on Friday. He was the founding father of Tanzania and is revered by every single person in Tanzania I think. Anyway we got his birthday off and I spent the day like Nyerere would have wanted...by going to the beach.

Thursday night I had Indian food for the first time, lots of Indian places in Dar and this was a pretty good one, apparently. The food is great, very spicy, but a nice change of pace. I got up at 7 to pay my respects to Nyerere, i.e. leave campus to go to the beach. I went to Kipepeyo Beach which takes about 2 hours to get to, by 4 different transports. I went about a month ago, but this time I stayed in a little bungalow right on the beach on Friday night. It was very nice, only 20,000 TSH for a double room, and literally right on the beach. Got a good bit of sun, and pretty much just relaxed on Friday and Saturday, before stopping off in town for a late lunch and then returning to campus. It is definitely nice to get away from campus for a few days. Not sure what I have planned for this week, but Im going to try to make it up to Nairobi, Kenya in a few weeks to see some friends there. I think it is about a 14 hour bus ride, so that should be fun, but I would like to see another of East Africa's biggest cities. I guess thats about it, the beach is beautiful, greenish-blue water, white sand, very picturesque. Have a nice week.