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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Eve

Saturday started out with very few plans. Myself, Mercer, Tony, Justin, Tonje, Keena, Olaf, and Rob watched South Park and movies in my room for most of the afternoon. Was a nice distraction. At about 6:15 Tonje got a call from Florian in Nairobi that Camille had passed away early Saturday afternoon. She was with her parents. Although that was not necessarily suprising news, it still was a shocker. We kind of went our separate ways for a few hours and I was with Mercer. By 10 we were all back together taking our minds off things with South Park in Tony's room and some beer kept him distracted for at least some time from having to totally think about things.

Just before midnight we went up to the roof of our building to countdown the time until the New Year. We sang the song that no one knows the words to and toasted Camille. The bells from the church next to my dorm went off for a few minutes, which was cool. And there were a few fireworks in town(We are at the highest point in the city and can see pretty much everything). What was really cool was these red balls floating hundreds of feet in the air and looking like UFO's. They turned out to be flares, which are apparently really fun to look at. By 12:30 I had walked Mercer home and was retiring for some sleep.

Sunday, we didnt do much, movies and such and things to keep everyones minds occupied. I am writing a paper now for tommorow and have to write what I did for Christmas for my Swahili class by 5. My exams start on Sunday I think and I believe I am done by like the 13th. I changed plane tickets today and will be back in Jacksonville on March 5. Take care and Happy New Years



  • At 1/03/2006 6:34 AM, Blogger Molli said…


    I've just logged on to your blog after receiving an email from your mom today sharing about your friend, Camille. I'm so very sorry to hear of her tragic death. Please know you are in my prayers. Molli


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