A Gator in Dar Es Salaam

"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi - Out of Africa always something new" -Pliny the Elder

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lusaka Zambia

Well after 88 hours on the Tazara Railway and 3 hours by minibus, I have arrived in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka. Zambia is a beautiful country from what I have seen. Probably the greenest place I have ever encountered. It is currently raining outside.

We were supposed to arrive at 8 am in Kapiri Mposhi Zambia, about 3 hours drive from Lusaka. Due to a 10 hour delay in western Tanzania and a 30 hour delay in Mpika Zambia, we arrived exactly 48 hours late. Apparently a car had derailed on the tracks ahead of us, carrying cargo or something and we had to wait for it to be cleared away. So 4 nights on the train and I am so glad to be here. I am staying at ChaChaCha backpackers, a nice hostel and I just took a HOT shower. The rural infrastructure of Zambia really puts Tanzania to shame. Their is maize growing everywhere and I even saw nice irrigation systems. The houses are nicer and there is even yellow lines in the middle of the road. Lusaka itself is great so far, so much nicer/cleaner than Dar. I will be in Zambia/Botswana/Zimbabwe in some combination for atleast the next week before catching the ferry up Lake Tanganyika to western Tanzania. Having a blast and loving Zambia, a beautiful country, so green, and I dont get stared at here, craziness.

Take care,

Matt Stacy